Matthew 25:31-46 tells about when Jesus will come again in glory, there will be a great final day of judgment and separation. All nations since the creation of the world will be present before Him. All people will be separated like a shepherd … [Read more...]


All Christians are promised the Holy Spirit to dwell in them as a gift from God. Miraculous gifts like speaking in tongues (languages not learned) and healing the sick were only given by “laying on of the apostles’ hands.” These powers obviously were … [Read more...]


“It is wrong, but is it a salvation issue!” What about failure to pray regularly (I Thes 5:17), or to contribute to the church each Sunday (I Cor 16:1-2), or to attend the Christian assembly on the Lord’s day (Heb 10:25), or to add mechanical … [Read more...]


This sin, often overlooked, is in the long list of sins in Romans 1:28-32. Those who practice such things or who approve such “deserve death” (v. 32, NIV). “Adultery” often refers to sexual acts (Jn 8:4), but is also translated “breaking of a … [Read more...]


Satan uses wicked schemes to outwit, deceive and destroy us. He is “the god of this world,” our arch-enemy, ever “prowling like a lion” to gain advantage over us, to destroy us and bring us to punishment in hell (I Pet 5:8). Paul said: “We are not … [Read more...]