Paper Pulpit

...had its beginning May 9, 2008, when the first weekly article appeared in the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Alvin Jennings is writer of the sermons except for occasional selections from others. It is supported by contributions from individual Christians, churches of Christ and donations received from rebinding old Bibles.

The Bible is the only book that is a safe and sure guide on any and all subjects "pertaining to life and godliness" (2 Peter 1:3). This site is only intended as an incentive to the reader to "search the Scriptures to see whether these things are so" (see Acts 17:11).

For any good you may derive from our humble efforts in editing, writing and publishing this site, we shall be thankful and shall ascribe unto God all "the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus unto all generations" (Ephesians 3:21).


“Filthy lucre” is money, but not all money is filthy. The KJV and ASV use this term five times. Other Bible versions translate this “unlawful gain.” Elders in the church must not be “lovers of money” [“filthy lucre,” KJV, I Tim 3:3]. Money is morally … [Read more...]



What happens when a sincere searcher for the truth puts family and religious perceptions aside and takes a careful look at the New Testament record of the church which Christ built? How does His church compare to the newer institutions we see on … [Read more...]



The Book of Hosea is a love story that went wrong, labeled as “the prophet of sorrowful heart.” This grand treatise is a tender section of Scripture that ought to challenge and enrich our hearts. Hosea wept over Israel’s sins 7 centuries before … [Read more...]



The Pharisee sect of the Jewish religion loved to make public displays of their righteousness. They wore long flowing robes, tassels, tinkling bells, prominently displayed phylacteries (prayer boxes), etc. Their religion was based on hundreds of … [Read more...]



While at Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch I complimented their wonderful fried chicken! Surprise: The manager will never eat KFC’s specialty! Why? This family is vegetarian, being Hindu. These religions are vegetarian, some strict and others … [Read more...]